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10 Social Science 

10 Social Science’s Afternoon at the Beach

J Thurston —

Just before Easter, all 10 Social Science students had the opportunity to get out of the classroom and hit Southshore beach for the afternoon with Mr Skinner, Mr Thurston and student teacher James Lilley. The day turned out a stunner, with the sun shining and only a gentle breeze.

The first assessment required the boys to demonstrate understanding of the formation of a surface feature in New Zealand, luckily having Southshore beach right on our door step, they got to investigate its key features first-hand including the spit, the beach and sand dunes.

Mr Skinner imparted his geographical knowledge of the area with diagrams drawn in the sand and driftwood to aid his explanations – who needs technology?

The day was a success with the boys taking their own photos, drawing diagrams and ‘experincing the environment’, which they have used in their assignment. Having these cool natural features on their back door step, they got a real feel for what was being talked about in the classroom.

The 10 Social Science course is a brand new full Level 1 course for all extension students. Students study towards NCEA credits in geography, history, media studies and political science and is so far proving to be a great success.