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Photo by Rachel Campbell

Gateway Going-Ons

Rachel Campbell —

A plumber, a hairdresser and a builder. Find out what three of our Gateway students have been up to lately.

Gateway is set up to provide long-term structured workplace learning for Year 11, 12 and 13 students. Students are given the opportunity to test drive their career choices, while gaining valuable real life experiences and learning. Gateway gives students the confidence to make a smooth transition from school into the workforce.

Gateway students undertake work experience one day a week for a number of weeks. Here, they gain valuable insight into the 'real world' and have the opportunity to see if their chosen career path is really for them. Complemented by theory based book work, at the end of the year, these students are in an advantageous position. Not only do they have some solid work experience, they also have some units completed, many of which are aligned with the apprenticeship of their trade.

If you are interested in Gateway or want to know more, contact Mrs Campbell or Mr Stocks.