Hero photograph
John Laurenson
Photo by Sandra McKernan

Boys’ to Men 


A Presentation on Adolescent Males.

Dear Parent

Kia ora, Greetings and Welcome to the Shirley Family.

Boys to Men

  • Shirley Boys’ Ngatahi Room
  • Gather at 7.00pm
  • Wednesday 15 November 
  • Address by John Laurenson and a Conversation with fellow parents

The Shirley Boys’ High School PTA warmly invites you to share an evening with the members of our extended family. During the evening we will look at the journey that lies ahead for your son. A journey which begins with the leaving of boyhood behind, continues with the roller coaster that is adolescence and ends with a fine young man ready willing and able to take his place in the world.

I will chat for a while, by way of introducing what adolescence for a boy is all about, but in the main the main objective of the evening is to give you a chance to meet other members of the Shirley family, who also have a boy going through the same journey. Time will be available for you to (do what females do so much better than us men), talk about concerns, share experiences, and benefit from that.


“It takes a whole village to educate a child”

The evening will be about boys, what makes them tick, what makes them different (not better, not worse, just different) from girls:

  • What they consider fashion!
  • The impact of females,
  • Their standard of hygiene.

Please join us - all welcome.