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Photo by Rachel Campbell

Gateway Update

Rachel Campbell —

Students are beginning to wind up their work placements for the year. Earlier in the year, three students undertook their placements in the vocations of Signwriting, Electrical, and Building.

The Gateway Programme provides long-term structured workplace learning for Year 12 and 13 students in any chosen career. Students are given the opportunity to test drive their career choice while gaining valuable real-life experiences. The Gateway Programme gives students the confidence to make a smoother transition from school into the workforce.

Students on the Gateway Programme undertake work experience one day a week for a number of weeks. Here, they gain valuable insight into the 'real world' and have the opportunity to see if their chosen career path is really for them. The work placement is complemented by industry-related book work and work-appropriate courses. At the end of the year, students have been given the opportunity to have achieved a number of industry-related (and NCEA-accredited) credits.

A big thank you goes to the employers who take on these students. This month we would like to acknowledge the help of Action Signs, Gary Lee Electrical and Simon Construction.

If you are interested in Gateway, want to know more, or are keen to host a student contact Mrs Campbell or Mr Stocks.