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Munchang High School Visit – Feb 2023

Leanne Russ —

Munchang High school from the People’s Republic of Korea visited Shirley Boys' High School for a 2-week study program.

The students were wonderful young men who were engaged and excited to be in New Zealand. Their excellent attitude and willingness to try everything meant a great time was had by all. The students really enjoyed the opportunity to visit various teaching classes and came back buzzing or possibly glowing after a lesson on radioactivity and another on chemical explosions which I believed were actually demonstrated. Kim loved his history class and was quite the expert on Genocide on his return!

The boys enjoyed a visit to Willowbank, Akaroa and an alpaca farm. They went blokarting and to Adrenalin Forest. The had an excellent cultural experience doing the Waka on Avon. Overall, they had excellent weather but on a rainy day went ten pin bowling and tried laser strike.

Image by: LOR

When asked their what their lasting impressions of New Zealand would be, many mentioned the clean air and natural beauty but resoundingly most mentioned their wonderful hosts. The boys appreciated the places hosts took them on weekends and the kindness of their families. It was wonderful to see the boys interacting with hosts and the genuine smiles and laughter.

Thank you to all the hosts for making this trip very successful and enjoyable for the boys and accompanying staff member.

We have a Thai group arriving in March and a Japanese group in July. If you are interested in hosting for Shirley. Please contact Leanne Russ at lor@shirley.school.nz Subject: Short term hosting opportunities.

Image by: LOR