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PTA Scholarship Winners Term 2 2017
Photo by Tony Ambrose

PTA Scholarships Term 2

T Ambrose —

In a new initiative this year the PTA has created scholarships available to students at the school.

$4000 is allocated for each of Terms 1, 2 and 3 and $3,000 for Term 4.

The maximum amount available to any individual student is $500. The aim of the scholarship is to assist students in fulfilling their potential and reaching their dreams.

Thus there are no set criteria. Application forms are available from the Student Office and students in completing these scholarships outline what their aims are, how financial assistance would enable them to reach these aims and what specifically they wish to purchase with any funds allocated.

Listed below are the successful applicants for Term 2 and as you can see the scholarships awarded are very varied:

  • Jacob ETWELL 9M MSb - CCC Kurashiki Sister City Exchange $500
  • Max KIKSTRA  9M LKb - Canterbury and SBHS Ice Hockey Tournaments $500
  • Shaun REGALDO 10MGs - Football Development Programmes $500
  • Bradley ENTWISTLE  11 BDs - Cricket Gear $500
  • Waitangi TUISUGA 11 SKb - SBHS U15 Gold Coast Rugby Tour $500
  • Wiremu WAAKA 11 JJs - Basketball Representative Tournament $500
  • Ryan FRASER 12 SRa - Ice Hockey Gear - NZ Representative $500
  • Qeyloux HAKARIA  12 RMm - Volleyball Nationals & Attending IBSC in Vancouver $500
  • Connor ROBINSON 13 TSb - Canterbury and NZ Rowing Trials $500