Hero photograph
Planting Trees - Anzac Drive reserve
Photo by D Newton

Tree Planting

D Newton —

Two classes of students from SBHS accompanied by three staff joined two classes from Avonside Girls' High School and planted about 1000 trees in the Travis area on Anzac Drive Reserve. 

The trees were a promotion by Sustainable Coastlines and designed to provide sustainable native bird, insect and lizard habitat. As well they will help filter and cool storm-water runoff before it enters the waterways so that the clean water better supports edible Mahinga Kai like whitebait and eel. This activity continues work done the previous year by two classes of Year 9 SBHS students whose plantings are noticeably taller and becoming well established. As grown adults the students will be able to see the trees they planted grow to maturity and take pride in giving back to their local community in such a tangible and worthwhile way.