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Sport Registration and Fees

Jamyn Keats —

All students involved in cocurricular sport and/or physical activity are required to complete a registration form (attached) and return it to the Spartans Sports office along with the appropriate registration levy and sports fee(s). Some activities may require you to complete further registration forms at a later date.

The Sport Registration Levy is an annual levy. The levy is a flat rate of $20 annually for all boys that participate in co-curricular sport. 

Sports Fees are incurred for each sport and physical activity at Shirley Boys’ High School. These are determined largely by the costs associated with running the particular activity. It should be noted that more often than not, the fees do not reflect the total costs involved – they are a contribution to meeting the expenses. Sports and physical activities that are more costly to run therefore have a higher registration fee.

The proceeds from the collection of these fees are administered by the Spartan Sport Committee and/or persons that administer each sports code/activity to ensure that the particular sport and physical activity continues to thrive and grow at Shirley Boys’ High School.

The total fee payable by each student is a combination of one Registration Levy and one or more Sport Fees. It should be noted that Shirley Boys High School operates a ‘No Pay – No Play’ policy designed to ensure that the benefactors (the students) contribute appropriately to the costs associated with their chosen activity(s). Students are expected to have either completed the payment of Sport Registration Levy and Sport Fee(s), in full, prior to playing or to have arranged a suitable payment scheme approved by the Director of Sport.