Secondary Tertiary Pathways

Mr R Stocks —

Secondary Tertiary Pathway Courses: 12/13 Stp

Shirley Boys' High School are offering Trade and Business type courses as part of the Government Secondary Tertiary Pathway Programme.These programmes are delivered by a variety of providers and generally they occur on Thursday and Friday or both days each week. All courses are at Level 2 or above and credits range from 20 to 65.

Options available at the time of printing are:

At the National Trade Academy - 1 or 2 days per week

  • Agriculture - NZ certificate Level 2 or 3

  • Horticulture - NZ Certificate Level 2 or 3

  • Animal Care - NZ Certificate Level 3

At Ara Institute of Technology - Courses are 1 or 2 days per week

  • Business or Retail NZ Certificate Level 3 - Prepare for entry level sales and retail opportunities at Level 2 or supervisory level work at Level 3 by developing communication, admin, and product knowledge

  • Business or Retail Foundation Level 2

  • Automotive trades - 1 day/week

  • Automotive and Engineering trades Level 2 - Start-up a career in the Automotive industry or general engineering.

  • Baking L3 - Learn skills at the NZ School of Baking 2 days/week for term 1 and then do one day at the school and 1 day in industry on Work Experience for the rest of the year.

  • Building and Carpentry Level 3 - This course is for students who will leave school for the building industry at the end of 2019. You will assist the building of real homes.

  • Business and Management Level 2 and 3

  • Chef Training Level 2 or NZ Certificate Level 3 - learn from chefs how to work in a commercial kitchen

  • Hospitality Level 2 and Level 3 courses - For those seeking a career in Hospitality with a passion for food and beverage service.

  • Construction and Allied Trades Level 2 - Carpentry, plastering, Painting and Joinery using power and hand tools on building projects.

  • Digital Technology Level 2 or 3 - Develop industry focussed computing skills and work on industry based projects

  • Welding and Engineering L2 - 1 or 2 days /week

  • Engineering Design Level 2 or 3 - using Maths and Physics skills to create and design ideas

  • Electrical Engineering Level 2 - Take the first steps towards a career in the electrical industries

At Avon City Ford

  • Automotive Engineering - Dual Pathway programme - At the end of the six month course students will move into the Automotive industry to begin work and apprenticeship training.

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