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The Staff at Shirley Boys High School would like to wish our Old Boys and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.

Colin Amodeo —

This is the final Old Boys Newsletter for 2020.

My continuing thanks go to Val Campbell for her work in scanning the newspapers and other media for news of Shirley Old Boys. This is a time-consuming job and Val, with an extensive knowledge of Old Boy names is able to spot items in the media.

She would be grateful if Old Boys could contact her with any physical or email address updates to vsc@shirley.school.nz  as we keep an Old Boys database but this quickly goes out-of-date. Rod Hayes found this was a problem when trying to contact the Murray Denholm's boys for the recent reunion.

My thanks go also to Shirley BHS Receptionist Debbie Thompson who formats the texts I send her, adding her own humorous touches before sending out the copy via 'Hail'. This particular message carrier (some say pigeons are better!) can be a problem for Old Boys with older systems. If you know of schoolmates who would like to keep up with the latest news but do not receive it, please contact Debbie by emailing  dmt@shirley.school.nz  and let her know.

Staff members agree that 2020 has been a tough year for a variety of reasons. The good news is that Covid-19 has been held at bay in New Zealand and they are hoping to begin the New Year on a level playing field. If 2019 with the shift from Travis Road was difficult and exhausting, this was compounded by the problems of 2020.

2021 has to be better!

-Colin Amodeo, editor.