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Life is Sweet Recipe Book
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Life is Sweet


A SBHS Cookbook....

At the beginning of 2017,  students participating in a  Year 13 Chef Training Course,  investigated the effects of sugar on the human body for an assessment. Through their research, they were all quite shocked by their findings.

The issue is that the World Health Organization) recommend 6 teaspoons/25 grams of sugar per person per day for an average adult. However, in New Zealand the average intake for the average adult is 37 teaspoons/148 grams which is obviously far too much sugar. Such copious amounts can have severe negative effects to your health, including diabetes, obesity, liver failure, heart failure, hyperglycemia.

The students decided to do something about it. One of their ideas was a low-sugar cookbook they could sell to the local community, providing easy and tasty recipes to  show that you do not need food to be high in salt, sugar and fat for it to be delicious.

The  cookbook called “Life is sweet...with less sugar” is available for purchase at SBHS reception, for $15.00. These make fantastic Christmas gifts!

 All proceeds will be donated to Diabetes New Zealand.