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Ioane Lagokamu
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Samoan Language Week

Enoka Taufua —

Talofa, Malo le sofia maua ma le lagi e mama

During week seven of this term, Shirley Boys’ High celebrate Samoan Language Week (24th- 30th May). A significant week for many of our Samoan students and staff, Samoan Language Week gave us the opportunity to celebrate one of the many cultures that make this school a diverse and inclusive place.

Samoan Language Week 2020 — Image by: Debbie Thompson

Students were challenged daily in the notices with a phrase of the day. A simple greeting and exchange such as “Ua mai oe?”, How are you? were echoed in the corridors. 

Library — Image by: SBHS

Questions about the Samoan culture enabled students to dive deeper into Fa’a Samoa (the Samoan way of life). 

Main foyer — Image by: SBHS

Cultural displays in the main foyer, library and classrooms highlighted the language but also the colours and symbols associated with Samoa. Even our cafe staff got involved, labelling food in Samoan and encouraging our students to order a sanuisi or a keke pua’a.

Cafe — Image by: SBHS

Our staff were also challenged to ‘give it a go’ by identifying their Samoan students and allowing for discussions on things Samoan during form period and in the classroom. 

Languages — Image by: SBHS

Many of our departments participated in their own way. Languages department displayed famous Samoans and phrases on classroom walls. The P.E department learnt a Samoan song all week as well as learning about Samoan kilikiti (Cricket). The Mathematics department looked into Maori and Pasifika patterns. The senior Maori classes learnt the song Ia lavalava and performed it to staff on Friday. Mr Pesefea and a group of year 12 and 13 students put together a YouTube video, introducing themselves and their family heritage. Staff celebrations concluded with a hamper of goodies put together by Miss Lemalie and C1 café.

PE Dept — Image by: SBHS

Overall, it was a week of celebration, fiafia and alofa. 

SBHS — Image by: SBHS
Polyfest — Image by: SBHS