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You can use your Cando card just like a Metrocard on any Metro bus or ferry service in Greater Christchurch, including school buses.

Cando cards are $10.00 each and can be ordered at the Payment Centre.

How to create an online account:

  • Head to metro.co.nz. To access services for the first time, please call Metroinfo on 03 366 88 55 to receive a registration code. If you already have an online account for your current Cando card then you can use your existing card number until 31 March.
  • After 31 March, you should use your new Cando card number with your existing password.

Activate your Cando card by topping up:

  • Top-up online: Top-up any amount from $10-200 using your online account at metro.co.nz.
  • Top-up as you board: Top-up in $10 amounts (e.g. $10, $20, $30), using cash only. Give your Cando card and the money to the driver and they will top-up your card for you.
  • Top-up at the Bus Interchange or a Metro agent: Top-up any amount from $10-200. Visit metro.co.nz to find your nearest Metro agents. 
  • Get free daily and weekly travel: Your Cando card is not only at least 25% cheaper than paying cash on the Metro services, it also automatically caps how much you pay each day and over a week. Once you have reached your daily or weekly maximum, your travel for the rest of the day/week is free.

Receive other discounts and offers using your Cando card:

  • Present your Cando card to one of the retailers and suppliers listed at candocard.co.nz and receive great discounts and offers. More offers will be added throughout the year.