Shirley Boys High School Music Tour 2016

Jordan Berry and Jesse Obidiah Behan —

Throughout 2016, Shirley BHS music has increased in cultural diversity and talent. This transition was illustrated on the Music Tour that took place in Week 7, Term 3.

 It began on Monday morning where six of our music groups travelled in unison to Chisnallwood Intermediate and Marshlands Primary. These two gigs set the tone for the duration of the tour. From there, we travelled to the West Coast and stayed in the Top 10 Holiday Park. This provided us with a well-earned rest and preparation for our next two gigs the next day. 

Our first gig on Tuesday was at Greymouth High School where we met an extremely enthusiastic audience. We found throughout the tour that the atmosphere within the crowd provided us with the energy to perform with enthusiasm. We then travelled to Grey Main Primary where we were followed by three loving fans from Greymouth High School. Despite this distraction, all the bands played extremely well and the kids got on their feet with their hands in the air like they just didn’t care. 

We then travelled to Westport with a stop over at the Pancake Rocks at Punikaiki. The final gig the following day was at Buller High School. Despite being extremely tired after the last two days, the bands, yet again, gave their heart and soul to the audience. 

Overall the music tour was a huge success and the hospitality of the West Coast was greatly appreciated. The tour allowed the bands the opportunity to perform to new audiences and develop their skills as musicians. 

We would like to thank Ms. Hays, Mr. Banks and Mr. Thorpe for putting the whole trip together and allowing us to have this opportunity. The dream.

By Jordan Berry and Jesse Obidiah Behan