Hero photograph
Photo by RSM

Rubbish Tag 😊

Roger Miller —

A big shout out to the Rowing Squad for starting the game of Rubbish Tag. They took time out of their training schedule to pick up rubbish for 2 hours along the banks of the Otakaro (Avon) at the end of last year.

Check out the amount of rubbish they took out of the environment, a place they know well.

The Rowing team have tagged the Volleyball A team who have done their bit and have now tagged the 1st X1 Cricket team.

Game Rules:

1. The team that has been nominated needs to spend a minimum of half an hour picking up rubbish

2. Can be anywhere around Outatahi (Christchurch) before or after a game or training

3. At the end of your rubbish collection please take a photo or video and send it to SBHS sports coordinator and tag another SBHS sports team

4. You have a month to complete your challenge. If its not done in a month you need to do it twice!

Thanks for your help with this together we can make a difference.