Maori (Mao - Full Year)

HOD Yuki Muira —

The following subject is available for some students to study in 2019

Course Description: An introductory course which aims to introduce students to the basic elements of Maori language and gain an insight into Maori culture and customs. As a very young nation it is important that all New Zealanders gain some understanding and awareness of our indigenous Maori culture, so that decisions they make will be informed ones, and that they can contribute in a positive manner to our nation's future.

  • Maori      9Mao     Full Year

In Year 9 the course aims to develop student’s writing, listening, reading comprehension and oral skills to a level which will enable them to confidently write, follow directions/answer questions and converse comfortably at a beginners level, while enabling the student to easily transition into 10Mao. Kapa Haka and cultural aspects are included in the course. The Year 9 course is a prerequisite for the Year 10 course and Maori is available through to Year 13, NCEA Level 3.

Course Content: Questions and responses, whanau (family), Kura (School), commands/basic directions, telling the time, asking where someone is going, asking what people are doing, asking for  objects, locations,  marae protocol, culture and customs, Quizlet Education Perfect.

Recommended Entry Criteria: Some understanding and  prior knowledge of the Maori language and culture

Approximate Contribution: $20 for online courses

Contact Person: Mr Houghton