Hero photograph
Photo by Jamyn Keats


Jake Chalklen —

Teacher in Charge: Caitlin Sadler Terms: 1 & 4

Competitions: Friday afternoon/evenings

Trainings: Monday & Thursday mornings

Venues: SBHS, AGHS, other Christchurch gyms

Uniform: Supplied

Equipment: Korfballs and Korfball hoops

Cost: $30

Korfball is a ball sport played by hand. It is easy to learn, enabling new players to join in and have fun almost immediately. Similar to basketball and netball, the aim in korfball is to score by shooting the ball through a hoop on a pole. What makes korfball different is that it is always played by a mix of males and females, playing with and against each other. Shirley Boys High has strong history in korfball, with plenty of boys, and old boys, playing international korfball, and Shirley/Avonside teams doing well in local competitions. Avonside girls will join in the JSP to keep true to the mixed team aspect of korfball. For more information about korfball, see: https://www.korfballnz.co.nz