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Lip Sync 2015
Video by Shirley Boys' High School

Lip Sync

K Hays, J Keats, C Croft, R Johnson and Video by Ken Hudson —

Please click on the video to watch a sample of last term's  SBHS Lip Sync 2015.

Snell House

After intense practices and a lot of hilarity, some twenty boys from Snell conjured up a Lip Sync that became a winning formula. We started with 'Downtown' by Macklemore, then a rendition of 'Hit the Quan', next was a piece that struck the judges as one of their favs. Matt Gowans as Beyonce in 'Single Ladies' was pretty steamy and rocked the house. The last number was the whole group lip-syncing to ‘Shut up and dance’ led by Lachlan Murdoch and Aasha Mallard. The judges commented on their cohesiveness as a dance group.

Aoraki House

With a busy time in the school, getting everyone together for rehearsals proved to be tough. This having been said, Grayson Mitchell (Aoraki House captain) worked tirelessly to bring it all together. The juniors kicked off with a top rendition of Michael Jackson's' Thriller', before the seniors moved into Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk'. The undoubted highlight came when Jim Tuipulotu and Jelly Samuelu rocked the stage to Shakira’s ‘Hips don’t lie’. After a top overall performance, the whole school was in agreement that Aoraki were cheated out of first place! A big thanks must go to Mr Perkins and Miss Wilson for their help with making this a great success.

Blake House

Under the expert guidance of Mr Hudson, a committed group of boys from Blake House combined their talents,  to put on a show that reflected the songs of their lives to date. Starting with Sponge Bob moving on to the Wiggles, Jump Jam and finally onto the Pussy Cat Dolls. Comfort zone limitations were smashed as students went all out to put the best foot forward. Well done to all involved.


Mullins boys dazzled the crowd with their upbeat and energetic performance. We kicked off with Kendrick Lamar’s 'I' followed by a medley of contemporary and hip hop music. Highlights of the performance included Patrick Rodger’s rendition of ‘Drop it like it's hot’ dressed as Snoop Dogg and Liam Melhopt dressed as Lebron James. We ended with a team effort dancing and lip-syncing away to Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s ‘Lean on’. A wonderful effort earning us second place. Job well done, Mullins!