Mr R Stocks —

The following subjects are available for students to study in 2021

Transition:   11Tra   Full Year

Course Description: This course is focused on the world of work. A lot of the work is not based on Achievement nor Unit Standard, but rather learning for life and work. The course will involve Work Exploration during school time. Discuss this option with the Careers Department.

Recommend Entry Criteria: this course is usually restricted to students studying 11Enc or 11Ene.

Qualifications to be gained: Level 1 Unit Standards credits

Level Literacy or Numeracy: No

Restrictions: Enrolled in 11Enc/Ene course and restricted to Year 11 students.

Next step: 12Tra

Contact Person: Mr Stocks

Transition:   12Tra   Full Year

Course Description: This course is designed for students who are contemplating moving into the workforce or tertiary trade training during the year. At least three one-week sessions of Work Exploration are planned during the year. Many students may take part in the Gateway programme or Dual Enrollment courses. Please discuss this option with the Careers/Transition Department.

Recommended Entry Criteria: Nil

Qualifications to be gained: Level 1 and 2 Unit Standards credits, also Workplace First Aid

UE Literacy: No

Contact Person: Mr Stocks

Gateway:   12/13 Gat

Course Description: Gateway is a structured work experience programme which provides an opportunity for Year 12 and 13 students, who have a sound record of attendance and behaviour, to spend at least one day per week in an appropriate work place. Each student has an individualised learning plan and this could be as part of a scheduled class or in addition to scheduled classes.

The Gateway programme is for senior students who have a clear vocational pathway they wish to begin while still at school. Gateway offers students structured workplace learning across many industries and businesses. Students pursue individual learning programmes, which allow them to gain new skills and knowledge in the workplace. While on Gateway, students will be working towards Unit Standards from the National Qualification Framework (NZQA). Gateway students spend a minimum of 10 days at a work placement during the year. 

Recommended Entry Criteria: Entry into the programme is by application only. All students must complete an application form and interview prior to entry. Students must have a minimum of NCEA Level 1 and have attained or are studying towards obtaining a learners licence. Eligibility criteria includes students who have:

  • A very good attendance record;
  • The ability to keep up to date with their academic studies while on placement;
  • Identified a chosen career path they wish to explore;
  • Ability to work independently in class; and
  • Parental/Caregiver approval and support.

By the end of Term 3, students must have completed an application form available from Mrs McLeod. Interviews will be held early in Term 4.

Qualifications to be gained: Students work independently in Gateway class time to complete Gateway programme work and assessments, career and employment work and assessments, or complete other subject work missed through being out on placement. Students are expected to achieve a minimum of 20 credits. Most NZQA Unit Standards offered are at Level 2.

Next step: return to school full-time, further pre-employment training or employment.