Cross Country 2020

Jake Chalklen —

SBHS | Tuesday 23rd June | Orua Paeroa

This years' cross country was the second one at our new site,  Orua Paeroa. 

This year we decided we'd change the course from last year and incorporate Ascot Park (in behind QEII)  as part of the course.

Even with plenty of planning and setting up by Mr Keats, Mr Chalklen and the sports council, the day looked gloomy and foggy to begin with. Luckily, just in time for the race, the fog disappeared and the rain cleared.

Congratulations to Blake house for winning the Cross Country with 210 points.

  • 2nd Place: Aoraki with 201 points
  • 3rd Place: Mullins with 183 points
  • 4th Place: Snell with 157 points

Thank you to everyone who participated.

These are the boys who placed top ten in their respective races:

Year 9: 

  1. Finn Woodhouse 
  2. Aaron Reavill 
  3. Sam McGregor 
  4. Saxon Lloyd 
  5. Harry Burke 
  6. Dylan Monk 
  7. Joel O’Callaghan 
  8. Korban Turnbull 
  9. Noa Visser 
  10. Fraser Robinson 

Year 10: 

  1. Kaden-Taua Tuisaga
  2. Jo Kennedy 
  3. Nathan Walker 
  4. Fraser Hendry 
  5. Tim Chapman 
  6. Dylan Webb 
  7. Brooklyn Stewart 
  8. Kea Noble-Gawn 
  9. Mekhi Halliday 
  10. Felix Hunt 

Senior Race (year 11-13):

  1. Dominic Pulley 
  2. Xyron Burns 
  3. Angus Marquet 
  4. Alan Hammersley 
  5. Tahlor Cahill
  6. Nathaniel Renouf 
  7. Ben Isles 
  8. Anthony Abbott 
  9. Leon Gibson 
  10. Jack Costello 

The Canterbury SS Cross-Country is being held next term on  8th September. We are sure to see this boys put their best foot forward for this occasion as well.

Photos by Mrs McConnell