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Student Account Payments and Charges Reminder

Payments received with no specific instructions are applied (as much as possible) to student account charges with the following priority:

1. Exam fees and purchases (optional stationery, clothing, event tickets and trips)

2. Co-curricular activity charges

3. Curriculum subject/activity donations

4. General donations (tax deductible)

No more than $300 in Co-Curricular charges will be permitted to accrue on a student’s account without prior approval.

Caregiver approval and account credit (or automatic payment) is required before students can “charge” things to their account.

Please contact student office to arrange.

2015 School Magazine

The 2015 School Magazine is now available. If last year's school leavers wish to call in and pick one up, the magazines will be available from Reception.

PHYSIOTHERAPY at Shirley Boys’

In conjunction with Balance Physiotherapy Shirley Boys’ High provides a physiotherapy service on Mondays and Thursdays in the Sick Bay. Appointments can be made at the Shirley Boys’ High School sick bay.

All students and staff members are able to access physiotherapy directly by making an appointment at the office. Physiotherapy provided at school means less academic time lost and no travel costs or time. You can get early treatment of your injuries and have less time out of the sport or activities you are involved with.

Paul Foster from Balance Physiotherapy is experienced in sports physiotherapy and injury management in the adolescent age group. We can also consult with coaches and PE staff to help you get the correct level of activity as you recover. There is no need to be referred by a doctor but if the physiotherapist feels a GP or specialist needs to be consulted or x rays taken, he can organise this at assessment. Get treated early for a good recovery!

ACC still subsidise accident related physiotherapy treatment and we can initiate your ACC claim for you. The co-payments are $20.00 per treatment. We also treat non-ACC cases. Muscle Balance Assessments are also available.

For more information or to make an appointment contact John Fox in the Shirley Boys’ High sick bay, or Balance Physiotherapy: phone/text 021 742 723, email info@balancephysio.co.nz, check out our website www.balancephysio.co.nz or find us on facebook.