Hero photograph
Photo by Jake Chalklen

TOUCH (Silver)

Jake Chalklen —

Teacher in charge: Mr J Chalklen

TTerms: Terms 1 & 4.

Competition: Wednesday afternoon 3pm (2x 15 min halves).

Training: TBA with coaches.

Depending on interest teams anywhere from year 9 to senior. Always a Senior A team.

Venues: Shirley Boys, South Hagley or opposing schools for Juniors & Senior B. Senior A play at North Hagley in the SuperTouch competition.


Year 9: SBHS PE shorts. Tops provided.

Junior-Senior B: Shorts and tops provided.

Senior A: Tops are purchased and owned by players. Shorts provided.

Equipment: Touch boots or suitable sport shoes.

Costs: $30 for Senior A. $20 for others. $45 for Senior A top.

Tournaments and games: Senior A at most can play up to 30 games in a year, but usually around 15-20.

  • Southland Exchange (Term 1)
  • Kings Exchange (Term 1)
  • Wednesday Competition (Term 1)
  • Canterbury Champs (Term 1)
  • South Island Champs (Term 1)
  • Wednesday competition (Term 4)
  • Nationals (Term 4)