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JSP (Year 9 Non-competitive Sport)

Jamyn Keats —

Incorporating Junior Spartans Programme (JSP)

In recognition of Year 9 students finding it difficult to establish themselves within sport at Shirley Boys High School and fuelled by a desire to have all students active, the school has adopted a policy of compulsory involvement in physical activity for all Year 9 students. Students are required to commit to a minimum of two terms of physical activity in which they must attend 70% of all session in that term to passThe emphasis will be on ‘playing the game’ and the social interactions made possible through physical activity. Many of the activities are prioritized for Year 9 students only (JSP).

Students must commit to their chosen activities in the first two weeks of term one and must select at least one activity beginning in either term one or two. Checks will be made to ensure that they are honoring their commitment.

The Year 9 Sports Programme offers opportunities in both ‘in-school activities’ (JSP’s) and competitive involvement. If selecting a JSP option a student must attend his chosen activity for a minimum of one hour on a regular weekly basis throughout the term(s) during which he is enrolled in the activity.