by Jamyn Keats

Sports Exchanges and Tournaments

Shirley Boys’ High School is involved in a number of sports exchanges and tournaments each year, sometimes hosting and at other times, at other schools.

There is an expectation that all students involved in sports exchanges will billet members of visiting teams, unless exceptional circumstances prevent this from happening.

Teams from Shirley Boys’ High School compete in inter-school, local, regional, national and occasionally international competitions. There are two New Zealand Secondary Schools Tournament weeks one for Summer Codes and one for Winter Codes. The costs associated with attending tournaments outside of Christchurch vary with the locality of the venue and can be reduced when parent committees and/or students commit themselves to fundraising for the particular event.

All students who participate in exchanges and/or tournaments are expected to comply with the Shirley Boys’ High School Compliance Code i.e. All students who compete in sporting events held either in school time or outside of Christchurch must comply with the requirements of the school’s Compliance Code. This code exists to ensure that students honor commitments to their academic studies. The process monitors attendance and work completion and is normally carried out four weeks  prior to an event happening and is based on student weekly report grades.

Our annual exchanges include:

Southland Boys High - T1

Kings High School - T1 & T2

Nelson College - T2

Marlborough College - T2

Sports Uniforms - all students who play sport in teams representing Shirley Boys’ High School must wear the correct uniform for their chosen activity.

The majority of our competitive teams will have uniforms supplied by the particular code while some will require items to be purchased by the students. Where this is the case this should be specified in the individual code descriptors.