Junior House Quiz by Jamyn Keats

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Junior House Quiz and Cantamath

Junior House Quiz

The annual Junior House Quiz in the Sports Hall buzzed with the cacophony of juniors offering advice and answers to the scribe for each Form Class as Master of Ceremonies Mr Garland called out the 64 questions. The results indicated that the boys did well with the Maths and English questions being particularly tough.

Over eight rounds of eight questions, Mullins won with 557 points, Snell (511), Aoraki (507) and Blake (478).


On Wed 19th August Shirley Boys entered three teams into the Senior Cantamath Competitions.

Year 9 Teams comprised Bhumik Patel, Gorge Belcher, David Walle, Chevy Hira, pictured; and Michael Tusani, Ken Takai, Loyal Patelesio, Thomas Pirker in the other year 9 team.

Year 10 team, Izak Dobbs, Mitchell Rowe, Logan Bramley, Liam Goodwin

Competition was extremely tense hard work.  Every student did well and represented the school perfectly. It was amazing to see students late on a Wednesday night smiling and happy despite enduring Maths so late at night.

Teachers Tom Davies and Ricki Galway were there to encourage the students on the evening.