Social Studies (Soc)

The following course is compulsory for students to study in 2023

Course Description: The focus in Year 9 Social Studies is New Zealand Society. That is people (individuals and groups), and their lives in the past, in the present and looking to the future too - that is, Shirley Boys' Kiwi Soul. The goal of Year 9 Social Studies is for students to become critical, active, informed and responsible citizens of New Zealand Society.

Course Content:

Term 1:  Turangawaewae - New Zealand Identity

What is special about New Zealand Society? What has been, and is, the role of the Treaty of Waitangi? Topics also include The Beginning of Aotearoa, The New Zealand Wars, New Zealand Music & Film, and Kiwiana.

Term 2:  Hapori – My Place in Society

What smaller communities and societies are people involved in? How do people contribute to and impact their communities? Topics also include Whānau, School, Christchurch, and ANZAC Day.

Term 3:  Rawa – Resources, Goods, Wealth and Assets

How has innovation and exploration operated and, created opportunities and challenges? What is the impact of innovation and exploration on people (communities) and places (environment)? Topics also include Famous Expeditions, USA’s Wild West, and Future Society.

Term 4:  Te Taiao - The Natural Environment

What is New Zealand’s natural environment? How does our society use and care for our natural environment? Topics also include New Zealand Geography, National Parks, Water, and Sustainability.

Contact Person: Mr Skinner