Health and Physical Education (HPE)

The following course is compulsory for students to study in 2023

Course Description: Health and Physical Education uses Mason Duries ‘Whare tapa wha model’ and the concept of Hauora as a framework to teach the content of this subject. Students are taught and assessed at level 3, 4 and 5 of the curriculum over both years 9 and 10. This allows students to delve deep into the broad nature of this curriculum area.

Students also use the generic health model to learn the influences, consequences of current health issues. Particular focus is given to the strategies one can use and access to enhance the four dimensions of Hauora. These are; Taha Tinana - Physical well-being, Taha Hinengaro - Mental and Emotional well-being, Taha Whanau - Social well-being and Taha Wairua - Spiritual well-being.

In Year 9 and 10 the content is taught through four main school wide themes of learning these are;

Year 9: Turangawaewae - Personal Identity, Hapori - My role in society, Rawa - My body as a resource, Te Taio - The natural environment.

Year 10: Tangata ke Wahi Ke- Other people, other places, Nga Wero - Overcoming challenges, O Tika O Kawenga - Our rights and responsibilities and Arorangi - Reaching for the stars.

Health and Physical Education uses movement as a context to learn. Learning through movement helps to develop individuals interpersonal skills and physical motor skills. Through movement students develop knowledge about how the body functions, participate in challenging physical activities to develop a growth mindset and resilience which in turn further develops their levels of self-confidence. Students will have opportunities to further develop their leadership skills in the running of their very own Sports tournament. Graduates of the junior HPE program will understand the influences self others and society have and will have the knowledge and skills to make health enhancing decisions that enable total well being both now and in the future.

This course will also prepare students who wish to undertake Senior Physical Education as a learning pathway.

Aspects of Health Education such as Mental Health, Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Healthy relationships are taught in both practical and theoretical lessons. Drug Education and Sexuality Education are the topics taught in isolation of Health and Physical Education. In Health Education students will gain knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will allow them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and be able to contribute to the wellbeing of themselves, other people and their communities. They will also develop skills that will enable them to enhance relationships with other people and participate in creating healthy communities by taking responsibility.

Next step for year 10: Year 10HPE, (10SPD on an application basis)

Next step for year 11: 11PED, 11PEL, (11SPD by application only)

Contact Person: Any of the Physical Education staff.