Art (Arx - Half year)

This course is available for Year 9 students in 2023

Art students are taught how to research for appropriate information, which is used in the classroom to promote the methods, principles and processes artists use to construct images. Elements such as form, function, colour, balance, harmony and composition, form a major part of the study of Art. Recording this understanding in an A3 clearfile shows the students development of ideas, media properties and skill levels.

Course Description: The Year 9 programme includes traditional painting and drawing, 2D/3D studies in Art Design, and image construction in photography. Both our Art Design and Photography units of work use computers, cameras and Photoshop extensively. The art department aims for students to be able to produce well-presented art works which can be included in our yearly exhibitions. Students are encouraged to explore their own style of artistic preferences and develop perspectives that are culturally, as well as individually formed. All criteria studied are based on the future requirements students are expected to achieve and understand for further study.

Contact Person: Mr Murray