Music (Full year or Half year)

The following courses are available for students to study in 2023

Course Description: There are two music option classes at Year 9 - Full Year and Half Year. The same content is covered in both classes for the first semester. The second semester is an extension of similar material, but with a bigger focus on performance. Both half and full year music options are eligible for the Year 10 Music course.

In Year 9 Music, we cover all of the major aspects of the Music Sound Arts strands at level 4 of the New Zealand curriculum.

  • Understanding music in context through research.

  • Developing practical knowledge in music through listening.

  • Developing ideas in music through composition.

  • Communicating and interpreting in music through performance

In Year 9 Music, students will study a variety of instruments across a range of genres. They will also access computer based music programs where they will learn to create music of their own. Theory of music and ear training are taught as this course leads on to Year 10 Music option. Performance is at the core of Year 9 Music.

Contact Person: Mr Banks

Music Tuition (all year levels)

Instrumental and vocal music lessons

Instrumental lessons are only available to those who take music as an option.

Instrument hire (if required) to be negotiated with Mr Banks

Lessons generally operate in small groups and run for approximately 20 minutes. The music lessons run separately from the option music classes, so students will often need to come out of other classes at various times throughout the week. There is some flexibility with lesson times so students can sometimes do their lessons at interval or lunchtimes. Students are issued with a ‘Music Pass Card’ to show teachers when they leave for instrumental lessons.

Instrumental classes cost: Free