Computing (Icx - Half year)

This course is available for Year 9 students in 2023

Course Description: A course for those students wanting to gain key skills in the technology area of computing. Topics include desktop publishing, web design, computer hardware, spreadsheets and computer programming. The course includes:

  • Introduction; basics, word, layout/formatting, combining text, images, tables, lists, draw tools, formatting.
  • File management; creating and using folders.
  • Web quests; finding and using the right type of data.
  • Desktop publishing; applying the principles of design. Use of MS Publisher to produce a range of document types from provided materials and research.
  • Web design; using web authoring (MS Expression), key components of a web page, adding the content and testing the design.
  • Computer components; motherboard, HDD, mouse, keyboard, VDU, how they function.
  • Spreadsheets; typical use and main actions including basic formatting and calculations with graphs.
  • Programming; working with Scratch to perform a range of programming functions including problem solving and algorithms. Introduction to the concepts of creating fundamental elements and designing gaming features.

Contact Person: Mr McKeown