French (Fre - Full year)

This course is available for Year 9 students in 2022

An introductory course which aims to develop students’ competence in a wide range of situations using the four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Year 9 course is a prerequisite for the Year 10 course. French is available through to Year 13, NCEA Level 3.

Course Description: Students should be able, by the end of the year, to use French to carry out everyday language functions such as asking for and giving information, expressing likes and dislikes, describing things, people and places, school life, eating and drinking at home and getting about town. The aim is also to broaden the cultural horizons of the students through an insight into a non-English speaking culture.

Learning a second language may be simply for pleasure and enjoyment or it may be valuable in commercial contacts or when travelling. It can also open doors to a wider range of cultural, scientific and technical knowledge. A variety of cultural activities such as sharing French food, a film study and cultural work are offered during the year.

Contact Person: Ms Lallemant