The following courses are available for students to study in 2023
  • French   10Fre (Full Year) 

Course Description: Year 10 French at a simple level extends Year 9 French with the emphasis on communication of information in French

Some of the topics introduced are:

  • School life;
  •  Eating and drinking at home; and 
  • Getting about town.

Cultural activities such as sharing French food, a film study and cultural work feature in the course.

Recommended Entry Criteria: End of Year 9 French test mark of at least 60%

Next step: Year 11 French

Contact Person: Mrs Lallemant

Students in Years 11,12,13 are invited to participate in a biennial tour to either France or French Polynesia. The next tour will occur when travel overseas is permitted by the Board.

  • Japanese    10Jap (Full Year)

Course Description: The Year 10 course continues skills developed in Year 9, and students will work from material designed to enable them to communicate in everyday situations in Japanese. By the end of the year students will have attained a sound level of basic communication.

Hiragana and Katakana writing systems are used extensively and Kanji is steadily introduced, with material being supplied by the classroom teacher.

Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 are invited to participate in a biennial tour to Japan.

Recommended Entry Criteria: End of Year 9 Japanese test mark of at least 60% and have mastered reading Hiragana and Katakana.

Next step: Year 11 Japanese

Contact Person: Ms Miura

  •  Māori    10Mao (Full Year)

Course Description: In Year 10 the course continues skill development from Year 9aiming to develop student’s writing, listening, reading comprehension and oral skills to a level which will enable them to do Year 11 work the following year. Kapa Haka and cultural aspects are included in the course and topics covered include; formally and informally introducing themselves (Mihimihi), partaking in simple dialogue (Whakawhitinga Korero), Wetereo/Nga Tohu o te Wa (building on grammar/tense markers/key sentence structures), Kupu/Korero Ngai Tahu, waiata, haka, presentations on myths, legends and notable leaders, tikanga/kawa. 

Course Content - greetings and responses, whānau (family), kura (school), commands/basic directions, telling time, asking where someone is going, asking what people are doing, asking for objects, locations, marae protocol, culture and customs, Quiziet Education Perfect.

Recommended Entry Criteria: Must have studied Year 9 māori and passed the end of year 9Mao exam with 60% or over.

Next step: Year 11 Māori

Contact Person: Matua Hone

  • Samoan 10Sam (Full Year)

Course Description: This Year 10 course is a continuation of developing the skills and knowledge learnt in the Year 9 course, writing, speaking, listening and reading comprehension. This will enable them to do Year 11 Samoan the following year. Samoan performing arts and cultural aspects will be included in this course.

Topics such as partaking in simple conversations formally and informally, formal writing, fa’asamoa (Samoan way of life) will be covered throughout the year.

Recommended Entry Criteria:

Next step: Year 11 Samoan

Contact Person: Mr Pesefea