The following courses are available for students to study in 2023
  •  Art 10Art (Full Year)

Course Description: The Year 10 programme uses the student’s individual research information on specific artists to look at methods and processes artists use to construct images, based primarily on painting and printmaking.

The elements of Art such as form, function, colour, balance, harmony and composition form a major part of the study of Art. Students are encouraged to explore their own style of drawing which they will need to be confident with if they continue to study Art.

Artistic experiences range from painting on canvas through to using Photoshop to create artworks. In the full-year course, the aim is to develop students’ artistic abilities and give them a perception of what further study would entail and in Term 4 units of work are designed to contribute to components of Level 1 NCEA in Year 11.

The work undertaken is generally Mural type work which allows groups or individual students to produce artworks seen by the community.

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Contact Person: Mr Murray

  •  Art     10Arx (Half Year)

Course Description: The Year 10 shortened Art course uses the same methods as the full year course, but obviously with limited time there is less opportunity for students to explore and develop their own potential.

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Contact Person: Mr Murray