This course is available for students to study in 2023
  • Drama    10Drx (Half Year)

Course Description: This course is for those students who wish to develop their skills in performance, public speaking, social skills and leadership training. Students will explore various forms of drama through games, comedy, mime, melodrama and more. Team-building is an important aspect of drama and there will be plenty of opportunities to work in groups and take on responsibilities.

Year 10 Drama may include attendance at a suitable show performance during the course, if one becomes available.

For those who wish to take Drama as an NCEA option this course provides a good basic grounding and is an important platform for the development performance and backstage skills. Even if students do not intend to carry Drama further, Year 10 Drama will help build and develop confidence.

Next step: Year 11 Drama

Contact Person: Mr Munn nem@shirley.school.nz