by Blake Wells

Year 10 Subject choices

The attached information gives a summary of entry criteria for subjects and costs in 2023

Compulsory Subjects (classes determined by exam results and classwork)

  • English and/or English Language Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Option subjects

Depending on whether full-year or half-year options are preferred, students may choose either:

  • two full-year options; OR
  • one full-year option and two half-year options; OR
  • four half year options

Available as Full-year or Half-year options  

  • Art (10Art, 10Arx)
  • Design with Visual Communication (10Dvc, 10Dvx)
  • Economics (10Eac, 10Eax)

Available as Full-year options only

  • French (10Fre)
  • Japanese (10Jap)
  • Māori (10Mao)
  • Music (10Mus)
  • Sport Development (10Spd)

Available as Half-year options only

  • Computing (10Icx)
  • Drama (10Drx)
  • Electro-technology (10Elx)
  • Food Studies (10Fdx)
  • Materials Technology (Engineering) (10Tmx)
  • Materials Technology (Wood) (10Twx)

Costs in 2022

The Board of Trustees opted into the Ministry of Education donation scheme for 2022. By doing so, this resulted in the ability to waive student donations.

Shirley Boys’ High School aims to deliver quality educational courses over and above that which is funded by the Ministry of Education. We have noted in this booklet the costs to deliver courses and whanau/parental costs of workbooks and overnight trips where participation is optional, and/or components not covered by the Government grant, may be requested.

We appreciate the financial support our families make to the school.

Art/Technology – The take home material fee for these courses will be approximately $35-60. Projects will remain the property of Shirley Boys’ High School until the course fees are paid.

Year 10 Outdoor Education Overnight Camp - $145

Year 9 and 10 Ski/Snowboard Trip - $100

Workbooks – The purchase of workbooks for various subjects where suggested is recommended.