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Matt and Judah


by Shirley Boys' High School

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Headmaster's Message

by John Laurenson

Shirley Boys’ High School is a large secondary school where boys are given experiences that enable them, with guidance from parents and school, to become young men.

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Vision and Values

by Kirsten Dell-Hartgers

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In the classroom

Enrolment Scheme

by Kirsten Dell-Hartgers

Important dates, priority of entry, enrolment process, and zone map. 

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Year 12 Geography Camp

Teaching and Learning

by Dan Gilmore

Teaching and learning occurs inside and outside the classroom, generally between 8.30am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday. Success in learning is of course enhanced by the development of good study habits through a regular revision programme. Complementing this, there is the co-curricular programme which includes various sporting, cultural and special interest activities.

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eLearning (BYOD)

by Richard McLaren

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High Performance

by Chris Needle

 The High Performance Centre aims to develop students who are confident, independent learners who will be challenged rigorously. The programme at Shirley Boys embraces a holistic approach developing academic, creativity, problem-solving, sport and leadership aspects of boys’ education. At SBHS our definition of ‘gifted & talented’ relates to those students who have ‘exceptional or high-level abilities in one or more areas identified within our learning culture. These students possess or have the potential to go beyond the norms of their level. These students embrace the culture & responsive environment which they are surrounded by’. The definition is not fixed and is reviewed yearly to allow flexibility within cohorts & developmental pedagogy. 

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School Frontage

Learning Support

by Gail Collier

The focus at SBHS is on ensuring that the classroom is an Inclusive Learning Environment, so that all students feel they can participate in the learning, feel valued, and experience success. 

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Rugby 1st XI

Co-Curricular Opportunities

by Matt Sharr

At Shirley Boys’ High School we believe that education involves learning and citizenship both inside and outside the classroom. Supporting our extensive Spartans Sport programme are the many Creative Shirley arts and cultural activities.

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Head Students

Student Leadership

by Phil Dixon

Shirley Boys’ High School believes in encouraging and training students to take leadership roles wherever possible. Leadership is taught and exemplified in Form Classes and ther are numerous opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills in and outside the classroom. 

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Year 9 EOTC Day

Pastoral Care

by Rob Wilson-Pyne

The student body at Shirley Boys’ High School is divided into four house groups - Aoraki (blue), Blake (green), Mullins (red) and Snell (gold).   

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Polyfest 2016

Pasifika at Shirley Boys' High School

by J Houghton

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General Information

Uniform and Stationery

by Craig Croft

In 2015, the Board of Trustees approved a new school uniform and supplier. The new uniform is compulsory for Year 9s from 2016 onwards and as existing students replace items, they will be expected to purchase the new uniform.

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Careers and Gateway

by Rachel Campbell

At Shirley Boys’ High School, the Careers Advisor is responsible for providing career information and options to students, as well as overseeing the school’s Gateway and Canterbury Tertiary Collect (CTC) programmes. There are a number of trade training opportunities and work experience options available for students in Years 12 and 13. 

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Under 15 Four #1

Financial matters

by Anthea McCully

Ministry of Education funding received by schools only provides for the very basic curriculum delivery. We pride ourselves on offering enhanced learning opportunities for all students.

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Cultural Concert

Rules and Guidelines

by Rob Wilson-Pyne

The authority of the school with respect to the students includes all occasions when the students are wearing school uniform at school, participating in a school activity outside of the school, travelling to or from school, or whenever they are identifiable as members of the school (whether in school uniform or not).

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