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Financial matters

Ministry of Education funding received by schools only provides for the very basic curriculum delivery. We pride ourselves on offering enhanced learning opportunities for all students.

To enable us to provide these opportunities, we rely on contributions from parents/caregivers.  We endeavour to keep these as low as possible, but we know the materials and activities are not cheap.  Our families are aware of this and we appreciate the high level of financial support given to the school.  General contributions can be claimed annually as a tax credit.  

Indicative Contributions for 2017

  • General contributions - $150 per student ($200 for two or more students from the same family)
  • Major project contribution (one per family) - $20.00
  • PTA contribution (one per family) - $20.00
  • Course contributions - vary between subjects but range from $10  eg French, to $200 eg Chef Training.  

The above costs will be detailed on your Contributions Summary, which is emailed to you each term.  It is greatly appreciated if payment can be made as soon as possible (in particular course contributions).

Other Charges 

  • Cando card - $6.50
  • School magazine - $30.00
  • Stationery - general requirements vary depending on Year level and subjects chosen.  Stationery lists are available on the school website.  If you would like to order online please visit Officemax.
  • Co-curricular - these vary depending on the sport of activity chosen, and the level played, but range from nil eg JSP programme activities, to $750 eg rowing.

Payment options

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, eftpos or credit card at the Student Office or via internet banking to - Westpac 03-0855-0333927-01 (please reference all payments with your son's full name). 

Paying by automatic payment (AP) is an easy way to budget expenses.  APs can be set up at your bank (authority form) or via internet banking.  Please advise the Student Office:

  • when the payments will start;
  • how often the payments will be made; and
  • the payment amount.

For more information on payment options, please contact the Student Office by clicking on the link above or phoning 375 7057 ext 246.