Classroom by K Casey

eLearning (BYOD)

All students in 2017 are expected to bring a device to school.

Digital devices are an amazing tool that give students access to many learning opportunities. Students will be able to download text books and course notes, communicate with teachers, record notes that will never get lost and access a wide variety of resources. In addition the National Qualifications Authority have begun taking steps which means that NCEA assessments will be taken online.

We want to assure you that in no way will all school work be done on computers. Practical experience will still be a crucial part of the learning journey for our students, particularly in subjects like Physical Education, Technology and Science. Where practical, written work will still be done, as students in the short term will still have written examinations. What we are moving towards is a blended approach of digital and traditional methods; and this is mirrored in many schools across New Zealand now.

Recommended Devices

Our preferred supplier for 2017 is Noel Leeming. The three devices recommended for 2017 are:

  • Acer 11.6” Cloudbook
  • Acer B117
  • Acer Switch Alpha 12

Devices must meet the following requirements:

  • Windows based machine
  • 5Ghz wireless capability
  • keyboard
  • Insurance or warranty that covers accidental damage

We recommended

  • solid state drive
  • battery life in excess of 6 hours
  • light enough to be carried during the day
  • anti-virus protection.


Our school learning management system is Canvas. This is accessed at We are moving to a blended learning environment where all courses will have their teaching resources and assessments hosted in this location.


All students receive free licenses for the Microsoft Office suite. They can use their school login details at and download the software on up to 5 computers.

Students also have access to all of the Google Apps for Education using their school login. They can head to to start using these.