by Kirsten Dell-Hartgers

Student Uniform

All students must wear the full and correct uniform at school, to and from the school and on all school visits. Application for short-term exemptions, for example, while black shoes are being repaired, should be made in writing to the Deans Office.

· The new uniform is compulsory for all Year 9 students. Year 10-13 students will only need to purchase the new uniform as and when they out-grow the uniform they currently have.

· Belts worn must be plain blue or black with non-descript, standard buckles.

· If a jacket is worn to school it must be a regulation school jacket

· The school operates a ‘Shoe Bank’ where students with incorrect shoes report to the Dean’s Office in the morning and are allocated correct footwear for the day. If a student is wearing incorrect footwear at any point during the day he will be immediately sent to the Dean’s Office.

· Cycle helmets are a compulsory uniform item for all cyclists.

· In cases of financial hardship, please contact Rob Wilson-Pyne, Deputy Principal on 375 7057 ext 281 or email

Uniform Shop Hours - Term 1

Mondays 1.05-2.00pm

Tuesdays 1.05-2.00pm

Wednesdays CLOSED

Thursdays 1.25-4.00pm

Fridays CLOSED


· Hair must be neatly presented and extremes of fashion (for example in hair style such as dreadlocks or unnatural colour) are not permitted. It must be kept off the face and shoulders (when standing upright) and long hair that touches the shoulders must be tied back with a single tie at the back of the head.

· A standard comb must be able to be drawn through the hair.

· Students must be clean-shaven.


· A single plain, small ear stud in each ear and a watch is allowed. No other jewelry is permitted. This includes earrings, neck chains, bracelets and eye, tongue or nose studs.