HP Stream 11This is our recommended device for BYOD by Image courtesy of Microsoft

Assistance with BYOD

SBHS is looking to make some rental devices available

Shirley Boys’ High School is committed to providing a digital learning environment for its students. We appreciate that this can be a burden for families as a one off cost and so to assist all our students getting on devices we are setting up a device rental scheme. This scheme will make devices available for a payment of $50 per term, prepaid to the school. This cost is to cover repairs and servicing of the machines, and where possible expansion of the number of machines we make available to students.

The devices will be HP Stream machines, set up by the school with the software most needed by the students. They will be collected back in at the end of each term which will allow us to clean and reinstall software to ensure they are always up to date.

Initially these devices will be offered to Y10 students who were not in BYOD classes, and there will be an application process, in accordance with our equity policy to ensure these devices are firstly offered to those who most need them.

Please contact Richard McLaren (ram@shirley.school.nz) in the first instance regarding these devices.