From the Sickbay

If your son presents to Sick Bay, we will endeavour to treat the problem and return him to the Classroom, either immediately or in due course following treatment.

 Sending a boy home is only done after due care and consideration and if there is no other alternative. Should he need hospital treatment, we will evaluate the situation as to whether he can be taken by a caregiver, or in the more urgent cases, we will arrange for an ambulance. A staff member would always accompany your son to hospital and would stay with him until family arrive.

We do not routinely dispense general medication such as “Panadol” for the treatment of headaches. Rest and rehydration are our main courses of action. Some over-the-counter medicines may be dispensed but only after seeking your approval.

The most common complaints relate to headaches and sore stomachs, but many boys need to learn how to prevent such complaints arising. Often they are overdressed such as wearing a full winter uniform in the height of summer and have become dehydrated due to the heat. Dressing appropriately for the weather conditions and ensuring that they are constantly drinking water through the day (either from their own water bottle or from one of the many water fountains around the school) will alleviate most of the problems. Sore stomachs are often a result of no breakfast or inappropriate mixtures of foods as substitute breakfasts. The school canteen has a good range of appropriate foods available for breakfast and lunches. If it is not possible for the boys to source these meals at home then please use the canteen rather than stock up on fast food and energy drinks on the way to school.

No boy claiming to be ill should leave school to go home during the day unless they have been processed through the Sick Bay. That means that I or someone else from the School staff will have contacted you or another nominated family member to advise you of your son’s condition and to check if you are able to pick him up from school. After discussion with you a decision will be made on the course of action to be taken. No boy should be making these arrangements themselves. Any boy who leaves the school without going through the correct procedure will have their Attendance Record marked “Unexplained Absence” or “Truant” to reflect that decision.

If any medical or social problems arise throughout the year, it is best this information be given to the School. There is a wide support network here, including House Leaders, Counsellors, Deans, Teachers and Sick Bay staff who can be of great assistance to your son, but we need to be aware of issues that may arise outside of school, but have impact within the school. Confidentiality is assured, but secrecy of issues may lead to more problems.

We would also appreciate it, if you could ensure your contact numbers are kept up-to-date, thus avoiding delays should we need to contact you. It can be very frustrating trying to contact caregivers in an emergency when we have incorrect cell phone, work or home numbers.

Thank you for your co-operation in these matters. Like a hospital, we are always trying to reduce the number of patients we see, but if your son does present to Sick Bay, you can be assured that we will do our best to ensure his well-being and recovery. If you have any questions, please call me.

John Fox Phone: 375 7057 ext 256

PHYSIOTHERAPY at Shirley Boys’ High School

In conjunction with Balance Physiotherapy Shirley Boys’ High provides a physiotherapy service on Mondays and Thursdays in the Sick Bay. Appointments can be made at the Shirley Boys’ High School sick bay.

All students and staff members are able to access physiotherapy directly by making an appointment at the office. Physiotherapy provided at school means less academic time lost and no travel costs or time. You can get early treatment of your injuries and have less time out of the sport or activities you are involved with.

Paul Foster from Balance Physiotherapy is experienced in sports physiotherapy and injury management in the adolescent age group. We can also consult with coaches and PE staff to help you get the correct level of activity as you recover. There is no need to be referred by a doctor but if the physiotherapist feels a GP or specialist needs to be consulted or x rays taken, this can be organised at assessment. Get treated early for a good recovery!

ACC still subsidise accident related physiotherapy treatment and we can initiate your ACC claim for you. The co-payments are $20.00 per treatment. We also treat non-ACC cases. Muscle Balance Assessments are also available.

For more information or to make an appointment contact John Fox in the Shirley Boys’ High sick bay, or Balance Physiotherapy: phone 021 742 723, email, check out our website or find us on facebook.