Pictured: Judah Watkinson, Logan Bell, Matthew Croft, Sean Takai by Richard McLaren

Student Executive 2016

The Senior Executive for 2016 were named in the first Assembly of the year and attended a training camp at Blue Skies, Kaiapoi in January.

Senior Leaders for 2016 are:

  • Head Boy - Matthew Croft (Snell)
  • Associate Head Boy - Logan Bell (Aoraki)
  • Associate Head Boy - Sean Takai (Mullins)
  • BOT Student Representative - Judah Watkinson (Mullins)  
  • Deputy Head Boy (Aoraki) - Zac Adams
  • Deputy Head Boy (Blake) - Matt Thomson
  • Deputy Head Boy (Mullins) - Josh Archer
  • Deputy Head Boy (Snell) - Matt Gowans
  • Rangatahi Representative - Samson Lale-Seinafo