Spartans Sport

Students at all levels will receive a Spartans Sport Registration Form next week from their form teachers.

The form is to be completed by students who intend playing sport at school.

The Spartans Sport Directory should be referred to before completing the form. Form teachers will have a directory in their form classroom or you can click to read a digital copy here.

If your son needs to take a copy home, he can ask his form teacher.

Our SBHS website is a great place to showcase our students successes in different sports codes.

We are often not always aware of some of the outside successes so rely on you to get that information to us which we will follow up with a photo.

You can send the information through to krc@shirley.school.nz or smm@shirley.school.nz

Year 9 Spartans Sport is now underway with many sports starting this week.

It is compulsory for a Year 9 student to be involved for two terms in a sport at school.

We have a wide selection of choices for them to select from with some being run in the lunch hour and others after school for an hour.

To be involved it is vital they read or listen to the daily notices as to when and where meetings for sports are.

If your son has any queries and is not sure as to where and when his sport is starting, please either email Stephanie McMIllan at smm@shirley.school.nz or phone on 375 7057 ext 315.

Or he can come to my office in the gym area either beside the weights room or upstairs by the Spartans room between 11.30-4.30pm.

Below is the Spartans Sport Time Table