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Photo by Julie Bassett

Celebration of Learning

Julie Bassett —

Go Karts, Fashion Design Activity, Rockets and Technology Designs

Go Karts

In Year 6 for our technology unit this term we have been learning about vehicle parts and design - how wheels, axles and power effect how vehicles perform. After a couple of trials making mousetrap cars, our final project was designing and making a go kart.

Several generous parents gave up their time to help with our creations, and finally they were ready for testing. We took them to a grassy hill at the bottom of Cashmere Hill to test their speed, braking and stability. Following that, we tested their steering ability at Hollis Ave park. It was a fun day out and a great end to our unit. We challenge the tamariki to get outside and enjoy using their go karts over the holidays!

Fashion Design Activity

As a follow-up activity after watching the Emperor's New Clothes on Monday the children from Year 3 and 6 completed a fashion design activity.

Each group was given 6 pieces of newspaper, 6 pieces of scrap paper, and 1 metre of tape to design an outfit that was runway ready. The children enjoyed working with other classes in the school and the teachers were impressed with the creativity and passion that went into each design. There are some budding fashion designers at Somerfield Te Kura Wairepo.

Technology Designs

Year 4 spent Wednesday afternoon showcasing the hard work they have completed during our technology unit. Over the term, the children have followed the technological design process. They have identified a problem, interviewed stakeholders, created designs, and presented these to parents. Well done to all the children involved. It was a great success! 


Here are some photos of the year 5 Wonder Project Rocket launch that took place on Friday.