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School App

Julie Bassett —

Please check your settings on your school app to ensure you have the setting you require regarding notifications. Watch this video if you need support with this.


@school app

  1. You receive an email introducing the parent app.

  2. The email includes a hyperlink which takes you to a screen where they can agree to the terms of use and privacy statement.

  3. Clicking on ‘agree’ takes you to the login screen with your login number automatically added. It also emails you a temporary password.

  4. You need to enter the temporary password into the logon screen, press save and then have access to the parent app.

  5. You need to remember to change the temporary password in 30 days, otherwise it logs out.

  6. You can go to google play store for Android or App store on Iphone.

  7. Search for Atschool and the app will come up to download.

  8. You can also view the app on a computer. Go to https://www.atschool.co.nz/app/login