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COVID Update

Denise Torrey —

Cases this week and information from the Ministry of Health about Winter Illnesses.


Monday - 8

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 2

Winter illnesses

Along with COVID-19, it is likely we will also be grappling with the impacts of illnesses such as colds and flus through the winter season.

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Caution over the flu season is very important in 2022.
As noted on the Ministry of Health website:

  • we've had very little influenza circulating in our communities since the pandemic began. This means our community immunity is lower than usual
  • this winter there is the very real possibility of having flu and COVID-19 within a short space of time – this can lead to very serious illness
  • if you do catch flu, it’s important that you stay away from work or school while you’re unwell. Look after yourself and your family – rest and fluids are especially important
  • the symptoms of influenza can be the same or similar to the symptoms of COVID-19
  • if you’re sick, stay home. Call your health provider or Healthline and follow their advice. They may advise you to have a COVID-19 test, and self-isolate while you wait for the results
  • it’s also important to seek medical advice early if you are concerned, and especially if there are any danger signs, even if you have been seen before. Other serious conditions can also look like the flu, including meningococcal disease.

Influenza – Ministry of Health

If we experience multiple peaks of illness in our school, including COVID-19 we will be moving back to masks.

Because we are more vulnerable as a population to colds and flus, maintaining a highly cautious approach for anyone who is symptomatic is strongly encouraged, to keep the spread of illness as low as possible.