Hero photograph
Photo by Julie Bassett

Zone and Canterbury Swimming Champs

Julie Bassett —


Year 6 Girls:

50m Freestyle - April De Bruyn, Xanthe Raxworthy, Hazel Rutherford

50m Backstroke - Elly McHarg, Hazel Rutherford, Charlotte McAdam

50m Breaststroke - Elly McHarg, Poppy Askew, Xanthe Raxworthy

Year 6 Boys:

50m Freestyle - Lachlan Anderson, Louka Mavromatis, Barnaby Campbell

50m Backstroke - Lachlan Anderson, Jack Lynch, Louka Mavromatis

50m Breaststroke - Jack Lynch, Jesse Laurie

Year 5 Girls:

50m Freestyle - Jemima Hemingway, Matilda McKenzie, Sarah Long

50m Backstroke - Sarah MacPherson, Jemima Hemingway, Hannah Daines

50m Breaststroke - Izabela Klugerova, Sarah Long, Matilda McKenzie

Year 5 Boys:

50m Freestyle - Mario Domenech-Beltran, Henry Pagan, Oscar Mulder

50m Backstroke - Henry Pagan, Sammy Cushman, Joshua Williams

50m Breaststroke - Mario Domenech-Beltran, Sammy Cushman


Year 6 - April De Bruyn, Xanthe Raxworthy, Lachlan Anderson, Louka Mavromatis

Year 5 - Jemima Hemingway, Matilda McKenzie, Mario Domenech-Beltran, Henry Pagan

Congratulations to Lachlan Anderson, Henry Pagan, Mario Domenech-Beltran, Sammy Cushman who all placed in the top 3 and competed at the Canterbury Swimming Champs. A special mention to Lachlan who made the finals of both the Y6 Boys Freestyle and Backstroke!