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The Time I Overcame My Fears - by Baraa Alabdo

The Time I Overcame My Fears

I couldn’t believe that I was going to do it. My eyes were watery and I was breathing fast. I kept counting to ten in my head while biting my nails. I could feel my heart beating, faster and faster in my chest. My classmates were sighing, some were giving me thumbs up. I could hear chatter, ‘You can do it Baraa’ my classmates whispered. ‘You've got this!’ my teacher whispered in my ear. I kept breathing fast and counting to ten in my head. My teacher and my classmates were staring at me like I'm in big trouble. My legs were wobbly and my hands were shaking. My body was shivering. I kept fidgeting with my hands and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I wanted to run away. But I knew i had to do it ...Until… 3.. 2 .. 1 I took a deep breath and gave it my best shot! I couldn’t believe I was finally presenting my speech to the whole class!

By Baraa Alabdo