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Social Media-Important Information

Denise Torrey —

The Ministry of Education has contacted schools about very disturbing clip portraying a sudden death which has gone viral on Tik Tok. We understand that some of our students have heard the clip and are understandably upset.

Our school systems block these platforms but parents need to visit what is appropriate for their child. See graphic above. None of our children are 13 years old so should not be accessing most social media platforms. They are inappropriate and our tamariki not equipped to deal emotionally with some of the videos they are being exposed to on these platforms.

Netsafe have advised the following:

For now, we recommend that students are being made aware not to share or view the footage as it can be highly distressing content. Our webpage (Netsafe) has information about helping tamariki exposed to upsetting content that you may find useful. We have also provided some support lines for students and staff if they need to reach out for support below.

· Need to talk -. Free call or text on 1737 and there is support available 24 hours a day

· 0800 What's Up - Available Mon-Fri 12pm-11pm Sat/Sun 3pm-11pm on 0800 942 8787

· Lifeline - call on (0800 543 354) or text HELP (4357) for confidential support.

This content can have an impact beyond those immediately engage with it. It is likely to have had a range of impacts on each person – some may be severely affected and others may not be affected at all. It is important to be aware of the need to talk with young people who have heard about it and to encourage them to express their feelings in response to the video. We recommend that having regular, open conversations at home around online safety is important to help young people navigate the myriad of digital challenges they will experience.

You can read more on our parental control advice page here. There is an option to switch to Safe Search when using Google search or alternatively, you can consider looking into this article to block Google images without blocking Google search.

This staying safe online guide and some of our printed resources may be useful.