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St Barnabas, Fendalton

St Barnabas Connect - Friday 24 December, 2021

Greetings this Christmastide from your Vicar

This will be the last St Barnabas connect digital newsletter for the year. Thanks to those who have written or sourced articles, supplied photos or indeed appeared in any article. This has been a tough year but we've been able to stay connected as a Christian community because of this email, phone calls, visits and in countless other ways. I wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Christmas Worship Services

It would be great to see you at any of our Christmas services. Be encouraged to bring friends and family and hear the hope of Christmas and to celebrate the coming of Christ into the world.

Christingle - Friday at 4pm - children get involved in the drama of the Christmas story - come dressed up as angels or shepherds, or dress up when you arrive
Midnight Service - Friday at 10.45pm - carols by torchlight in the church
Christmas Day in Church - Saturday at 8am, 9am and 10.15am - carols and Communion in the Church
Intergenerational Christmas Service in Hall - Saturday at 10am - with Communion, Lifestreams.

Christmas Reflection

After numerous delays and budget overruns the James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled for launch on Christmas Eve. This 10 billion dollar project aims to place a sophisticated telescope in orbit 1.5 million kilometres from earth. You may be surprised to know that, in spite of the importance and cost of the project, there is no back-up plan if one of the many systems fails and the telescope cannot operate. There is no way to send an astronaut up to repair it if something goes wrong - it’s just too far away!

Similarly when God took on human flesh and was born on that first Christmas day, there was no back up plan if anything went wrong. John 1:14 speaks of Jesus as the ‘Father’s only son.’ Such was God’s love for humankind that he uniquely and for all time, became one of us in order to save us. He fully committed himself to humankind without a back-up plan. And this speaks of the tremendous love of God for us all. So as we gaze on nativity scenes this year and contemplate the vulnerability of the Christ child, the poverty of his parents and their flight into Egypt, give thought to the staggering love of God who went to such lengths to become one of us - without a back up plan - all in!

Last Christmas With You

Since announcing my resignation as the Vicar of Fendalton and plans to move to the position of Archdeacon for Regeneration and Mission in the Diocese I have been doing a lot of things for the last time! And this Christmas will be our last among you. I will miss the Nine Lessons and Carols being led in worship by a large choir and soloists. I will miss the Christingle service with local children dressing up and re-enacting the Christmas story with carols and Christingles. I will miss the Midnight service with candle light and the reading of John chapter 1. Pip and I want to assure everyone of our prayers for you this Christmas time and trust that you have a safe and happy time. May God bless you all!


Rain pours down blessings at Youth Camp

by Robyn Hocking

Hosting a Youth Camp two weeks before Christmas might seem crazy, but in a year where many events were cancelled for young people, this was just what they needed.

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Youth Hub: growing vision for youth health in our city

by Dame Sue Bagshaw

Guest speaker Dame Sue Bagshaw joined St Barnabas last Sunday at the 9.30am service where she spoke about the Christchurch Youth Hub.

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Video: Archbishop of Canterbury's Christmas message to the Anglican Communion

Jesus came into messy world like ours - but offered hope

by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

A message of hope and joy from Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby as he addresses all Anglicans around the world at Christmas 2021

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Video: Love Shone Down (I had a dream) | NMCGB & Children's choir | Lyrics

Mixed age choir sings Christmas song 'Love Shone Down'

by Andy Piercy and C.S. de Whalley

Words and Music by Andy Piercy and C.S. de Whalley

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How we celebrate Christmas in a Covid world

by Bede Cammock-Elliott

Lifestreams member Bede Cammock-Elliott, urges us to bear witness to Jesus by being fearless and full of hope this Christmas.

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Christmas Cheer at final Eldercare Group for year

by Maria Light

25 people gathered for the last session of the Eldercare group for 2021 and celebrated Christmas together!

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Christingle - telling the Christmas story with things you can eat!

by Mark Chamberlain

This year's Christingle Service is at 4pm in St Barnabas Church on Friday - Christmas Eve - a wonderful opportunity to bring your children to re-enact the Christmas Story!

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Wonderful Celebration of Christmas Story in Nine Lessons and Carols

by Mark Chamberlain

Augmented Choir led worship last Sunday night as the great story of the gospel was re-told in readings and song.

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Christianity receding, hope abandoned - today's Christmases not like those of childhood.

by Stan Grant

Aboriginal journalist Stan Grant reflects on his own childhood Christmases and the rising pessimism in today's world.

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Why do we light candles at Advent?

by N.T. Wright

Bishop N.T. Wright reveals the revolutionary meaning of lighting a candle - think about this as we light the Christ candle at the Midnight Service and Christmas Day!

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Share the greatest story ever told with children this Christmas!

by Jenny Wilkens

St Barnabas has purchased a large number of copies of 'It Begins in Bethlehem' for you to give to the children in your life this Christmas - please take a copy!

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